Teaming Up Internationally 

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A New Way To Do It


About Business

The world is rapidly changing. 

A few economically minded individuals from the USA recognized the coming change and launched a method of doing business that will work in any country of the world, regardless of the laws that govern in any particular country.  If you can communicate with us on the internet, you can be a member of the team and be part of a free enterprise that is doing business in a free world.

We are a focused group of individuals with an incalculable number of years of combined business experience, building a new way of doing business.  We recognize that in the world today, we must consider working together to enable all of us to be successful.  The world is surely changing, governments and big business are straining to keep a handle on commerce but the internet is breaking down their hold. 

As a new business, the market share needed to sustain your business and grow is now obtainable.


Exporting our products and/or services is a key to our success. A Harvard professor once explained exporting to be any form of sending your product out of the city where you manufactured the product.  Not necessarily exporting to foreign countries.  He explained that the true value relating to exporting was the ability to reach out.  Reach out from your small environment (like your home town) and sell your product to a virtual unlimited public.

Utilizing Non Profit organizations and Control Group organizations are a second Key. The Non Profit Organizations biggest challenge is sustaining the operational expenses realized by the non profit endeavor.  Control Groups invest in profit companies.  Non profit organizations are allowed to enter commerce and do business.  If these two types of organizations share in the income derived from an endeavor, then it is a win win.

By our teams combining the exporting of goods as an income stream for our teams with the aid of a non profit organization or control group who bring forth assets; we could realize the needs of everyone.

Autonomy is an important consideration for the non profit organization to keep their non profit status and for the control group to keep their income as capital gain.  Autonomy in business simply means keeping each participant at arms length with contracts between the participants.

A third way to achieve all of the above is by developing a for profit LLC that brings assets to share with the profit making endeavor of our teams.  The LLC can realize the operational expenses of a non profit endeavor and increase their asset base as they grow.  Nativity LLC was developed for this purpose.  As we grow, we hope that many of our teams will develop their own non profit, control group or LLC and continue our growth worldwide.

There are other benefits that can be shared in this relationship to enable a for profit endeavor of our teams.  The not for profit organization, control group, Nativity LLC or new team created LLCs can share the use of buildings, land and equipment or web sites that they own with the for profit endeavor,

Start up business endeavors need cash flow and should always rent depreciating assets.  Larger businesses or businesses that are cash cows, should own depreciating assets for the expense advantage.  When the large business becomes large enough to seek funding from sales of stock, then the larger businesses will want to start the accumulation of all assets to increase their asset minus liability (net worth). The net worth of a business and the earnings of a business are necessary to increase the value of the stock that is being sold.  Nativity LLC may invest in depreciating assets for these start up businesses endeavors when the depreciating asset is housed in Nativity owed buildings.  Depreciating assets may be purchased 100% by Nativity LLC and leased to the start up business endeavor or share the investment with a larger business endeavor, within our team, who can use the expense.

A third key to our success is the ability of our system to include team members in the asset based wealth.  Real wealth is in the ownership of assets that allow you to earn income from the asset itself. This is how it works. Income and cash flow will come from a for profit business endeavors that the team members develop.  Our system enables the team member the ability to be part of a larger group who has the strength to accumulate assets.

Factor: A fourth Key is allowing our team members to be a factor.  Our team members need income, income, income.  They need this income to invest in the asset based investments that our teams are best at. The Factor is expected to be experienced enough to protect the interests of the endeavor.  The Factor is expected to be able to manage the affairs of the endeavor, profitably.  The Factor is not an employee but a trusted agent (By law). The Factor shares in the net profit brought into the endeavor and will be expected to train other team member to do the same.  As a factor, the agreement is an arms length agreement between a business and another business or individual, where each are responsible for their own actions.  The autonomy keeps everyone safe but the actions of a factor does reflect on the image of the originating business.  Our teams who have business endeavors should enter into factor agreements with other teams and other team members. This is how we multiply. One  effective way to utilize a factor agreement is when income passes through the originating business as an income stream.  In accounting it is called profit center.  Charles Tandy of Tandy Corporation (Radio Shack) used this method to build his mega dynasty.  Each Factor has a monthly report that calculates the profits made from the factors business that is within the originating business.  The originating business receives a percentage of the profit for housing the factors business.  This is our secret to success worldwide for individuals who live in countries where going into business is prohibited.

Corporations, Limited Partnerships and LLCs: Investment teams often form corporations, Limited partnerships and Limited Liability Companies.  Our teams specialize in business development and business structures.  Our teams will guide the new business with each step necessary for them to grow from a small business to a public company on the U.S. stock exchanges.

Action team. Our teams are designed to sponsor individuals to enter an existing Investment Teams or start a new team.  We know that the most difficult thing for an individual to do (for their own success) is take steps.  Good people can always find the time to take steps to help someone in need but often not able to find time to take steps for them self.  The Action teams are normal team members who specialize in taking steps.  It is a proud group who walk with the individual who they sponsored to join our Investment Team system.