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How to start with nothing:




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PARADOX was written for the entrepreneur who starts with nothing. It relates business history, basic economics and individual motivation to biblical understandings. Paradox, is a plan that was designed to include sharing and teamwork. If you are looking for a chance to share in your part of the American dream, Paradox may launch you in the right direction.

How to start with nothing:

Give 10% of your earnings to the church and 10% to yourself.

Place your share into a savings account for future investments.

Start now:

As you save, start your plans.

Target your plans for you and keep them simple.

Your first goal is to design a plan that you can believe in.

Your first plan should be to double one thousand dollars within the first year.

As soon as you save enough money to fund your first idea; take a leap of faith and do it.

Plan your second endeavor, as your subconscious lives the success of the first.

Your second plan will turn two thousand dollars into four, within the next year.

Allow your subconscious to grow slowly. You must believe that you are worthy.

Climb the ladder to success slowly and steadily.

Constantly imagine yourself achieving new goals.

Write them down and save them for future implementation.

Open your heart to God and listen for small urges and inspirations. List them.

Some day; when you are ready; launch that special dream.


If you wish to walk this path with others, PARADOX can show you how.

Good luck and God bless.


How To Get Started


God, works through his people when he plans to do his work and he often chooses people who have very little to work with.   Reading Joshua reminds us that his people had just spent 40 years in the desert and crossed the Jordan to take a country from an inhabitance who, had been serving many gods and frustrated our one true God by living an extreme lifestyle of evil like Sadom and Gamorrah.   Thus causing God’s justice to enact the curse of destruction on the country.  Theologians teach us that God did not move a people from the country simply because he wanted his chosen people to gain back the promised-land but also because the people living in the promised-land at the time, had caused their own demise.  Theologians and history teaches that one of the gods that the people were worshiping was a statue that had his arms stretched out forward holding a large tray between his arms full of hot charcoal and the people serving this god would deliver new born babies and place them in the coals as a sacrifice to their god. 


After internalized all of the ramifications of Joshua and praying on the message, we can recognize that the poor, chosen people of God had arrived into the country with probably torn clothing, worn out sandals and bronze weapons to war with an inhabitants who had iron weapons, chariots, horses, armies and were considered the most advanced culture of the world at the time.  This leads us to understand the truth about how God works with his people.  He must be glorified “get all the credit” and all of our work must be in his name with the understanding that it is he who brings us forward. 


Having read Paradox, you know that money is simply a system and not something that should be looked on as our enabler.  Our enabler is God and each other.  Having said this, we can see that ideas, epiphanies, understandings and inventions will come as we move forward as a team.  The plan spelled out in Paradox suggests that each of us place $1,000.00 as an investment into our individual team and have meetings with the sole purpose of doubling our investment each year for 10 years.  It sounds simple enough and the suggestion was just that, a suggestion.  It was developed for each of you to understand the principle.  Unfortunately, poor people do not have $1,000.00 to get started and if you think about it, the suggestion suggests that money is what we are going to use to enable us to move forward as a team.  Do not miss understand the attempt to teach the principle as being our true spirit of who we are.  The truth is simple you start with no money at all.


We seek the eye of the tiger and pure hearts as our members.  It is imperative that we be evenly yoked with the other members of our teams.  We should not seek investors to enable our projects and we should not seek individuals who are unevenly yoked but posses a substantial amount of money or borrowing power.  True, there are some people with money who have gone before us in God’s name and continue to be evenly yokes with us but that is a rare person indeed. 

Start by saving 10% of your earnings and dedicating it to your future and read the plan set out in Paradox.  If you also chose to dedicate 10% to the church, you will find that a substantial amount of grace will be given you, but that is between you and God.  This is a good time to explain that you are not depending on the money you saved for your future but you are using the SYSTEM of money that has been crystallized for many generations.  It is from your work that you earned the money and that makes all the difference when you look at who you depend on for your future.  God gave you all that you are and all that you have.  He gave you brains, a body, a spirit and a purpose for being.  Reaching that purpose is the ultimate goal of Paradox and our teams.


As you save 10% of your income, meditate on ways that you can double your saved income.  Take a leap of faith and go out and double, triple, quadruple that saved income.  As soon as you believe, you can achieve.  After you made your first investment and return and believe that you can really do this, then selecting your team.  Two or three on a team is great.  Teach them to save 10% of their earned income and start brainstorming ideas together, even before they have a penny saved.  Once they have saved a little of their earnings and wish to place the saved earnings on the table, start investing in the projects that you “together” have developed. 


After you have placed whatever amount of saved income you have on the table, follow the instructions in Paradox to see how equality is formed between the different amounts placed on the table.


Good Luck and God Bless

Garry L. Marshall


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